Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hi My Name is Melissa and Im 29.

So Im 29 today, 365 days (or is it now 364 days?) on the high road to 30. holy geez.

I woke up today to find Tula sitting next to me purring. I pet her for awhile and scratched under her neck, then I got up to face the day. I arrived at work at 08.08 a.m. (since you know, Its 08.08.06). I was then greeted by many "happy birthday's" here at the office. Fabulous. Then my friend gave me a hot pink clutch purse and a little business card holder - for the new cake baking business my counterpart and I have brewing.

Then I got a call. "you have a package at the front desk". Was it carpet samples? Solid surface samples? A fabulous FTD box filled fill beautiful colored roses! Pink, yellow, peach, red, and a mixed hybrid of yellow and red. They are now contently sitting on my desk in the tall "fabulous" mug that I got for my birthday last year.

The surprises keep coming... 11:30 a.m. an announcement to go to the lounge. WTF. my counterpart there, holding a big giant cake!!! it was a chocolate covered strawberry cake! adorned with a big giant pink mum, and lots of chocolate covered strawberries.

So then off to lunch at the local downtown mexican restaurant for my favorite chips and cheese with a chicken taco salad. So now Im back at work, just had a slice of chocolate covered strawberry cake, and feeling overwhelmed. We have dinner plans for tonight too - whats next?!

And there is more! Just as I posted this, I got another call from the front desk. Ahhh, my carpet samples! Nope! Another gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my parents and brother! Full of gorgeous gerbera daisies, pink mums, yellow roses and mistle toe I believe. Wow, what a load to take home with me today!

Tonight we went to Chili's for dinner. The self proclaimed "Thursday Night Crew" came along to join in the celebration. My sister also joined in on the fun. I got the coolest gift from everyone. I got a small pink makeup box - looks alot like my pink poker box, but a bit smaller. The things inside were very cool. There was some candy, pink and black barbie card decks - with all of the barbie fashions of the many decades that have passed. Lots of fun goodies. I was just so glad that they came tonight. We went on to Incredible Pizza - land of endless video games, ski-ball and arcade games that give you tickets to turn in for prizes. My sister got a basketball with the superman logo on it. I ended up witha foam disc shooter. I cant wait to open up that sucker and see if Tula goes crazy with it.

Overall I have to give today 10 stars... It was fabulous!!!

Its 11:34 p.m. now, and off to bed.


Knitterista said...

Just remember...you will always be younger than me. Boo hoo!

Ms. M said...

thats right!!!