Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Place is in the Kitchen

All of us have those little "things" we cannot live without. For me lately, its cooking utensils. It all started when my friend led me to the cake server. It was just after the holidays, and I got a little email with the very fabulous photo attached. A fun and festive piece to my collection, and conversation piece for that matter.

Next, my addition of the Kitchenaid 5.0 mixer painted caviar. My utmost pride and joy of the kitchen. It has been working well for me lately with the new business plan that is currently being put into production. It took a very good friend, Ms. P. to remind me that I had the fabulous mixer that needed to be put to use.

I like to think of myself as a fairly good pastry and cake baker. Professional by no means, but you know I get by. I do have to admit though that I could have done better with the cake that the chef's made for the couples union ceremony in the first season of Top Chef.

Another fine and fabulous kitchen helper is the williams sonoma stainless steel olive oil spray bottle. Fried eggs are better on the weekends because of this. My good friend, Ms. M. had introduced me to this while we were out galavanting in Texas recently. She had recently given me some hot pink silicone spatulas as a thank you gift for helping her create a Dora cake for her nieces' second birthday. We had a fabulous time puting it together and I think it turned out well.
My next favorite gadget is the pink rolling pin. Every day some wonderful kitchen helper stares at me on the computer screen. "buy me" it screams.

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