Sunday, April 30, 2006

Its All Over, Said and Done.

Wow, Im feeling strange now as I sit here sipping my merlot. I opted out of the liquer coffee shot and went for a slice of cheesecake instead.

My final paper is submitted for grading, and Ive completed my final exam online this afternoon. I cant believe its all over now. Its going to be sad now that I wont be able to come and check in every night to the class discussions going on in my online course. I guess looking at it as a new chapter is beginning - the thesis in the fall.

For now though, school work is over for the semester and summer is on its way. Although you would think it moved in early by the way its been so hot here lately.

Good night!


Knitterista said...

Dang, I didn't wear my red shoes that night! What a great bachelorette party!

Ms. M said...

hahaha thats ok, we all still had fun anyway! glad you were able to come!