Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How Very Cordial

Ive become a fan of cordials. Ive been looking for recipes online, and have experimented a bit since my discovery of these fabulous finds in December.

This set is similar to a set that I do have, and it can be found at the Bombay Company.

One other thing I discovered at the liquor store, was Starbucks Coffee Liqeur - another fabulous find. Its so smooth, and is like a double shot of espresso or something. You can put it over ice cream, or in your coffee, hot cocoa, and well use your imagination. There are plenty of tasty treats out there to smother with this. Just had a thought to drink it with a delicious tiramisu.

I have final exams and papers due this weekend, so Ill have to celebrate the end of another fabulous semester late sunday evening.

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