Thursday, November 16, 2006

Black on Black

Yes its a song title, but also how I think of myself. I often wear black, it has always been a staple to my wardrobe. I wear other colors, or accent with pink or ivory, but it always comes back down to black, often black on black, and sometimes even black on black on black.

I recently purchased a new pair of glasses, black frames, of course. I was going to stray and go for a hip color like purple, but I again as usual settled for black.

I realized today that I fit into the mold well of what people perceive of designers, or architects. Wearing all black with black, thick rimmed glasses, sitting at the desk hunched over all day. Yes thats me, and yes, I did shop too long for my new optics. Normally I pride myself in being a compulsive shopper, making decisions quickly, getting in and getting out, if you will. I recall going to the frames shop more than once. More than twice. Yes, I went there three times. I found the perfect spectacles, perhaps even Benjamin Franklin would be proud.

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