Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Product Lunch

Its been a somewhat uneventful, but productive weekend. I tend to feel that when desperate housewives begins playing on the television, that the weekend is officially over.
I finished up my presentation for my Tuesday night class entitled "The Product Lunch". It is an adult education class, and we are to present something that is a part of our career. For us as designers, it is the product lunch. A sales representative will bring in lunch for the office. We sit back during the lunch hour and enjoy a boxed lunch usually consisting of a chicken wrap with chips and salsa topped off with some kind of soft chewy cookie all from camilles, a local deli type restaurant. We listen to the representatives speak of the general product without mentioning names and we in turn earn a continuing education credit to turn into the American Institute of Architects, who then, credit our file with learning hours. We need to accumulate 24 hours every two years annually. yadda yadda yadda. Now to the fun part.

Today, I baked 48 cupcakes, 32 of which will be taken with me on Tuesday night to my class. The cupcake three tiered display is from Target, of course. Since my presentation is regarding the product lunch and the presenter that I interviewed as part of my project, I will be taking cupcakes folded away in small lunch sacks. Since I only have about fifteen minutes to present, I had to downsize to the product snack, if you will.

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