Monday, November 20, 2006

Twas the Night Before the Presentation

It was quite a run around trying to find these fabulous little dessert plates. I went to three target stores before finding one that had several of them left over. They had recently gone out of stock online, otherwise I would have just ordered them and allowed the UPS man to leave them on my doorstep. I simply had to have them. (Yes just like the pumpkin shaped pan and bowls last month.) Something tells me I should join shoppers annonymous, but Im not ready to give in yet. I also got the little rectangular platter that matches. It doesnt have the snowflake on it, but thats ok - its still pretty. I am planning to use them at an after graduation party for my sister on December 1st. Lots of fabulous dessert with plenty of wine to wash it down.
Right now Target has some buckets that you just add alcohol too and freeze. I got a few Cosmopolitan buckets and a Peppermintini bucket last year, and this year they have Pomegranate punch, and Wild Berry Cosmopolitan. I got one of each. I am going to freeze one of them for the party. I know a few might be interested in a frozen drink, on perhaps a frozen night.
We are going shopping on Wednesday to find a dress for her to wear at her graduation. I think the whole event will be fabulous. Im super excited for Thursday too. I only have to work tomorrow and give a presentation, and then Im done for the week. Ive got it all completely wrapped up, now I just need to figure out what to carry the cupcakes in. I can deal with this task. I am nervous for tomorrow night, but Im sure everything will be fabulous, and fun. Just like I like it.

Plenty of things left to do though. I found out today that I do have to present my Thesis proposal for the graduate instructors. I wasnt aware of this, but I guess it will be ok. Its kindof a relief to find out what is going on because my friend and I were unsure when and where we were going to have to submit everything. Good news though, my chair person said today that she feels that my paper is good to go, and that my bibliography just needs to be completed and put up. Im going to meet with her one more time before the semester ends, but Im sure in the long run, everything will be good to go.

I also talked to my friend today, the other Ms. M. She is about 10 weeks along in her pregnancy, and her baby is doing well according to the ultrasound she had today. I was glad to hear it. She said the fetus has all of its organs, teeth, legs and arms, and everything and now all it has to do is grow. Its currently about the size of a large lime, she said. We had some giggles about it, but Im happy for her. I also got to see the ultrasound picture. She had to point out the bootie, arms, and head. You could also see its eyes slightly. It was facing belly up so they got a good shot of it. :)

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