Sunday, May 30, 2010

Suddenly, Last Summer

Just one year ago, I was boarding a plane for Italy, the start of our 12 day cruise along the Mediterranean Sea. Dad dropped us off at the airport. I remember weighing my baggage and checking my frequent flyer miles before I left the house. Just 9 hours later, we would be in a fast moving passenger van on our way to Civitavecchia, Italy where we would walk the streets and take photographs, enjoy pizza and gelato, see lots of scooters, and view the edge of the sea. I still recall the apartment we stayed in, an efficiency apartment with two bedrooms and one bathroom and a kitchenette. I remember having breakfast with Vivian and Greg, playing with our iPhones at the table and enjoying fresh cheese, peaches, and pear juice. Then we boarded and departed.
I still have fond memories of our journey. All fourteen days. Naples and Pompeii in Italy, Athens, Greece, the Island of Mykonos, the Island of Rhodes, Ephasus, Turkey, Egypt, the Island of Corfu, and then back to Rome and Vatican City. It was an amazing and humbling fourteen days abroad. I have to admit though that I was glad to get back to my baby Tula at home though.
After watching the movie "Letters to Juliet" over the weekend, I admit I would definitely be up for round two in the small towns of Italy; Verona, Florence, Naples, and Sienna. It brought back many memories of all of the architecture, people, and food.

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