Monday, June 01, 2009

Checking In

We boarded the Legend of the Seas Cruise Ship just after noon. we checked in, filled out a health form, and sat on the ship for lunch. Our bags were delivered to the appropriate rooms while we were introduced to the various locations and activities on the ship.
I found our stateroom, small and cozy, yet quaint. Two twin size beds, a small love seat, television and shower the size of a port o john. I hung my clothing as there are no irons permitted. The jet lag caught up to me by dinner time.

I enjoyed a cut of beef sirloin steak for dinner with tortilla soup and blueberry cobbler al-la-mode for dinner. The main dining room facility is actually fairly decent but is dated to when it was built some time in the 80's. I retired after dinner to sleep and awoke at 02:00 to a bobbing ship in the sea. I heard thunder and lighting flashed through the window. I watched the waves crest in the sea, and the moon was visible through the clouds. I lay in bed with my ipod the rest of the morning and listened to play lists that I created before leaving home. It was nice to just lie down and relax with no worries about work. I have to admit though, I do miss Tula very much. I imagine she feels abandoned and does not understand where her momma has gone. She is in good hands though.

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