Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Naples, Italy

We awoke and dressed for breakfast at 08:30. Most of us had been up all night laying in bed waiting for the morning to begin. Breakfast was pleasant in the upper deck overlooking the port in Naples, Italy and the water. It looked a bit rainy and cloudy, but I really wanted to head out to see a few things during the day. Pompeii is located about twenty minutes south of Naples, a definite must see for anyone. Fascinating piece of history unearthed.

We hired a van, and all nine of us piled in like sardines. We arrived and the taxi driver said he would wait for us while we visited. I was impressed by Pompeii, and the modern idals of urban planning and symmetry. The masonry was unbelievable, and there are many magnificent artifacts and mosaics found. I imagine it was a most modern and beautiful place to have lived before 79 A.D. when Mt. Vesuvius erupted and covered it with ash, preserving it. I am excited to say I have indeed visited Pompeii.
Me at Pompeii
The rain held out long enough for us to visit and photograph for a few hours. It began pouring again once we boarded the ship in the evening.

We had a late dinner on the ship, it was rainy again. I found a karaoke activity at night so we all headed up to the bar. I enjoyed a virgin mango and banana frozen concoction of some sort. I would be soaking in as much alcohol as humanly possible, however I was blessed with slight infections that required heavy doses of antibiotics. Nice. So just a few more days of them to heal, then real party time will occur. I opened karaoke night for everyone with "Alone" by Heart. I think it was well received, I mean I did have some cheering sections, so I ate it up, naturally. I did however land at the casino in some winnings from playing roulette where I demaned to play with the pink colored chips. I thank my previous place of employment for entertaining the holdiay parties with casino night. I do well with roulette, and won some cash.

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