Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I Love it When We're Cruising Together...

Today is a day on the ship and I finally slept an entire night. In fact I overslept today and missed out on the afternoon ballroom dancing course. I am glad I took so many ballroom classes at OU awhile ago, but would have been nice for a refresher. Instead I learned that our whole party overslept so we ended up in the dining room for a late lunch. The food here is actually pretty good, the fruit is very nice, and they always have a fun carved watermelon when you walk in. Today that had lamb carved for lunch, it was delicious.

I took some time today to watch the waves created by the ship as it cruised along the Mediterranean. Pools of white foam were created in the blue water. The water appeared to be cold even in the warm sunlight. There was an evening for tuxedos and formal gowns. The special on the dinner menu was escargot and roast duck.

There was some entertainment tonight following dinner. It was an impersonator of Elton John. I have to say despite his obviously false wig or hair do, he was an excellent pianist and he did manage to spout off his English accent and did rather genuinely.

Tomorrow morning is our journey to Athens, Greece. We will be meeting our cousin there for the first time. I am excited to meet him, and he is excited to meet us too. Our day begins quite early, so it is off to bed now.

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