Friday, June 05, 2009

Mykonos, Greece

Today we parked in Mykonos, an Island in Greece. The village is a sea of white washed structures, blue and red doors, window shutters and many shops. The locals rely on tourism to survive. Most of teh city consists of shops on the street level and residences above. The streets are paved with rocks and then painted with white wash and lacquered. The local people go around the village and paint over the white paint with a lacquer fionish to preserve the freshness of it. There are several windmills on the island, but I am not sure if they are active or producing energy.

The air smelled of fish in some areas, but the sea water is blue and beautiful. There are many boats in the sea and a few people sat on a small beach. The sand was rocky, and appeared to be not so clean, but perhaps it is in other areas.

There is a local seagull there named Petros. He is apparently the only one who lives there and is friendly if you move close to him. The local residents were very friendly as well, and very helpful.

It seemed like a short day, we are already back on teh ship and heading towards Rhodes, Greece.

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