Thursday, June 11, 2009

Corfu, Greece

Our final stop before porting again in Civitavecchia, Italy. A short stop to the Island of Corfu which involved the use of tender boats to remove passengers from the ship to the shore for the afternoon. It seems that the set excursions the ship had organized were canceled due to tour guide strikes on the main land. We have not participated in many of the organized tours which exception to Egypt, so we ventured out of foot to the city filled with streets of paved limestone, side walks, boutiques, shops, and eateries.

It is much more difficult to bargain for itms in Corfu like the other places we have been. It is not a small village, and is quite modern. We visited a scooter shop to rent scooters for the afternoon to get around. They asked for drivers licenses and insurance. We provided some, then they asked if we had a scooter license. The old man, made me laugh with his heavy Greek accent when he raised his arm up and said "No scooter license? No scooter." So we carried on by foot and eventually made it to the center of town.

Everyone is getting tired and worn from all of the traveling and walking around for several days. We did some light shopping and had lunch at a local restaurant. The food was delicious and I once again dined on an appetizing cucumber and tomato salad, bread, and calamari. The calamari in greece is spectacular compared to what we find here, with exception though to what the wonderful cooks prepare at the St. George Orthodox Church Greek Festival each year in Oklahoma City.

There are many gardens and Venetian facades of balconies and flowers that tower only a few stories above the streets. The island is quiet and beautiful, and one of the more beautiful harbors we have seen too. The waters are not calm today, and the tender boat rocked back and forth as we ventured back to the ship.

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