Friday, June 12, 2009

The Last Supper

The final day at sea. It was relaxing, and I am eager to get home to see my baby Tula. My neighbor who was kind enough to feed her every day and check on things had text messaged me just a few days into the trip telling me that Tula hissed and tried to bite her. I worried I would come home to angry cat. It has been a wonderful two weeks, but a little too much together time. Tomorrow we are visiting Rome. I am very excited to see more of the architecture that I studied in school, but the same time, want to vomit rock and marble.

We passed by an erupting volcano today, Stromboli. I studied this volcano in school when I took geology courses, and a special course titled "Earthquakes and Volcanos". There is a type of lava called stromboli, it is rope like, and is named after this particular volcano. There is a small village at the base of the mountain, and there were people on boats enjoying the sea. You can see a giant crater in the side of the volcano, and I wonder if the locals monitor it and whether they have planned emergency evacuations and such...
Stromboli Volcano

Our last night on the ship and a final formal evening. The dinner waiters and servers took photos with us and we said goodbye to our staff who had been most helpful and friendly during the stay.

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