Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ephasus, Turkey

After beginning the day stuck in an elevator with no power or mechanical ventilation, we settled on a local driver who would take all nine of us to Ephasus to explore a few antiquities. One being the house of the Virgin Mary. They are unsure whether she is actually buried here, but they do know that this is where her house was, and that she died here. There is a small chapel that is built where her house once stood. Fountains of holy water and pilgrimages of Catholics pour in each year to visit and pay respects.

On the way down the mountainside, the ancient town of Ephasus stands. We walked amongst more marble and rock ruins. I've definitely seen my share of fallen ionic and corinthian column capitals. The city was once a beautiful place, that is for sure.

We visited the temple of Artimis also before heading back tot he pier at Kosudusi to board the ship. Next up, the highlight of the tour, Egypt.

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