Friday, December 31, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

I think all in all I would have to say that this past year has been pretty decent. It was good, bad, and ugly in some sense. I have had lots of personal growth and plan to continue that over the next year as well. It was not all peaches and cream. I guess I can easily say that it is not perfect for anyone, but this year has gone by so quickly too. Here is my recount of mostly good that has come out of 2010.

I recall now having Christmas and New Years all in one weekend. I have recovered from the emotional wounds of this, and have taken it upon myself to make this year even better. Sans snow. I think we only had one more big snow day in the early spring. Fair enough. Last winter was pretty harsh for being here in Oklahoma. This year has been a bit more mild it seems.

Aunt Hazel's Carrot Cake. The people at work still talk about this and wonder when the next one is going to show up. I will have to work on another one soon, perhaps. I hate to gloat, but even my friend Melissa tells me it is the best carrot cake she has ever had, and she doesn't even like carrot cake. I think I have converted her to the love of it.

I think the IIDA Fashion Show, Color & Couture, was definitely a great event and for a great cause. It is nice to see your fellow friends and coworkers participate and bust a move.

I completed and earned my Motorcycle Endorsement on my drivers license! That was something fun to do, the course was fun as well as some of the people who took it along side. It was a weekend of hard work and an exam to sweat through. But I am glad I did it, and now the big determination will be scooter vs motorcycle. We shall see.

My friend welcomed her new son into the world, we celebrated with a fabulous shower and a robot theme.

My museum appreciative friend and I went to see From Sketch to Screen at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. The installation was only featured in Oklahoma too.

I had a great birthday with friends and family. 34 is around the corner. That's ok. I have 8 months left.

Carrie Underwood Came to town. Even though I was in the nosebleed section with Knitterista, it was still a fabulous show.

And I studied and stressed for two months to take the NCIDQ exam. I passed all three sections on the first try. I still cannot believe it. License and Registration, here I come. I had to take it to get it off the burner. The process of applying to the local board and to NCIDQ took nearly a year. By the time I receive my certificates, more than a year and a half will have passed. But I am glad that it is over with. Next goal, the ARE.

To celebrate, Ms. P took me to the Cheesecake factory. I am so blessed to have such great friends.

I experienced my first earthquake.

I worked the Girlie Show again this year, and had a great time.

I donated my high school and college car to the American Heart Association.

And for Thanksgiving, my brother cooked a free range organic turkey. We had greek food to go along with it. It was a nice holiday and I saw lots of family I have not seen in awhile. It was the first Thanksgiving I've had visiting two dinner tables.

I spent three Saturdays in November and December volunteering for Untitled Artspace to celebrate the World Creativity Forum. I had a great time and met some new and exciting people, and saw a few from the past as well.
Nick Ervinck / Flanders: Ikrausim
Spinning Bits

The Mejjlby Stone

I sat on my friend's jury during her mock trial.

I finally got to see the Nutcracker Ballet for the very first time. And from the Nosebleed section too. The Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra was amazing too. Definitely a must see again.
The Nutcracker

And I had a pretty great Christmas this year as well. Tula and I went to see Santa. And we didn't get snowed in for Christmas this year. In fact, it has been a pretty warm fall and winter.

So now it is New Years Eve. I have not even begun to consider resolutions for the coming year, but I think though I have pondered some change.

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