Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowed In...Again

I feel like a slacker. With my blog anyway. Not slacking at anything else though. Still baking and taking and running and working and playing wonder woman on a daily basis. It's nice though. I need a vacation, however. A four day weekend snowed in with no hope of leaving the house soon is hardly a vacation. At least I am thankful I have power, heat, running water, and that I actually went to the grocery store before the storm this time.

This crazy weather here with two winter storms is just unheard of. I do not recall this much snow and ice in the last several years. Usually it is just once during the season and it comes and goes and then everyone gets back to their daily lives.
My office shut down early yesterday morning before lunch. I got home, and caught up on my dvr of television episodes saved for the last few weeks, including Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, Community (one of my new favorite shows btw), and the Office, Project Runway, Big Love, and watched "Carrie" which I have never seen before. Creepy movie, by the way...

Tula has been hanging out with me and cracking me up today. Although I have been cleaning house and baking lemon pound cake all day, she still managed to find ways to grab my attention and to make me laugh. One of those, while looking over and seeing her sprawled out on the console table like she owns the place. But then again, she does own the place. I just pay the bills.

Tula on the Console

I don't know if I can sit inside without going stir crazy for two more days though. I guess Tula will just have to keep me entertained :)

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