Monday, January 04, 2010

All Rolled Up Into One

I was worried about not celebrating Christmas before New Years day this year. We ended up with both rolled up into one short afternoon of gifts, food, and waiting for Greg and Vivian to return, and for family to stop by.

Greg and Vivian arrived back from Mexico around 2 in the afternoon, just in time for lunch. We had a huge meal, topped off with pie, and then I left to head back home. Missed out on my sister and brother in law this year though. We are still waiting to have Christmas with them.

Santa was good to me this year though. He dropped this off into my stocking first off. Hallmark's 2009 Keepsake Christmas Ornament. I have always girl crushed on Wonder Woman. I even have some red boots, and my mother recalls my outfit from when I was young. But I love my Christmas ornaments, and this one definitely scores big points with me.
I do enjoy the Barbie Christmas ornaments too. Santa left this one too, the Celebration 2009 Barbie Ornament. She looks great on the tree too. Pink and sparkly.

Next up, a few other fabulous finds. The MINI t-shirt. It is simple and classic, just like the real deal.

Also, a big must have from Santa:
The Williams Sonoma Cookie Cake pan. Looks like a big giant oreo cookie, and I've been eying it for months. Finally made one too. Turned out pretty yummy if I do say so myself.

Cookie Cake

Greg and Vivian gave me Bride Wars, a classic chic flick which I definitely needed in my collection, and a nice warm shawl. My friend Erin knitted me a cowl for helping her out at the Girlie Show this year. Its way cute and warm too.

Glad we all made it together despite the big Oklahoma Blizzard of 2009. Glad my friend's who were in a big car accident made it out with no real injuries. Glad the holiday was appreciated more than usual.

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