Saturday, January 02, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

So I finally made it to Tulsa for Christmas, that is on New Year's Eve. Decided to take my godson to the Aquarium for the afternoon, since I did not make it there on Christmas Eve as originally planned.

Jelly Fish

We ate happy meals at McDonalds for lunch, and then headed to the aquarium. I have never been there, so to see it finally was great. We went inside and entered through the gift shop. After the distractions and purchase of new camera batteries, we were on our way to discover that star fish feel scratchy, and that shrimp are really clear little sea creatures.

We saw a beaver nest, otters, and all kinds of wild fish, tropical fish, colorful fish and blah fish. Stone fish, stone crabs, stone starfish, an octopus too. The coolest thing though, is the shark tank. The engineering of this capability is amazing, with cool lighting, and sharks swimming towards you from all angles. Feeding time would have been very cool to see.

Shark Tank

After, we dined at Maggie Moos ice cream, and then I took him back home.

Got to see my BFF I grew up with in Tulsa on New Years Eve. We made spaghetti, and lots of nice snacks along with my pineapple walnut cheeseball, spinach dip, etc. Rang in the New Year sans my brother and Vivian, who decided they would much rather be in Mexico where it was warm.

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