Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kymaerica with Eames Demetrios

Some good friends of mine let me in on the arrival of Eames Demetrios in Oklahoma City on Friday January 22nd. Eames is the grandson of the late Charles and Ray Eames, mid century designers of whom I am very fond.
Anyhow, he came and presented his latest project at COOP Ale Works in Oklahoma City. The warehouse was a great place to host. With lots of good fresh brew on tap, it was delightful and interesting.

Me and Eames Demetrios

He spoke about Kymaerica, a linear idealism in the world not separated by countries, and within each linear space, a story lives. Eames has traveled and placed plaques all over the world with these stories to represent the space and to create "buildings made of wind".

After drinking a pint of 10% COOP DNR... Trying to keep up was interesting. But it was interesting, and some nice stories were told.

Eames Inspired Cupcakes

I even made cupcakes to take. Red Velvet, with Cream Cheese and Chocolate frosting. To celebrate the Eames legacy, decorated them with some mid century chairs, and Ray's small dot pattern. They were just something fun to bake, since we needed to show up with treats to share.

All in all it was a great evening. He is head of Eames Office, which successfully released in 2008 a set of postage stamps that I purchased and saved. He signed them for me, "To Melissa, Glad you saved the stamps. Best, Eames Demetrios"

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