Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fa la la la la. La la. La la.

Where to begin? Oh Where to begin... The holiday round up. Brought to you by Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, and Donner and Blitzen... and of course, Rudolf too!

The holidays this year have been quite eventful so far, unlike last Christmas when it snowed so much that it was nearly impossible to travel and so many people were stuck and missed the holidays too.

Last night we went to midnight Divine Liturgy for Christmas, and got to bed late. Sleep was far from enough, however we awoke to fresh cinnamon rolls and attempted to patiently wait for everyone to sit around the tree for the gift opening.
A few of the fun goodies obtained this year include:

New shoes and boots.

I love shoes. They are the item that most people associate me to. Oh yeah, cupcakes too. But these are magnificent with all of the zippers that give them their edge. I have to say that after a day of waltzing around in them and while whipping up fresh Tsatziki sauce in the kitchen, they proved to be quite comfortable. I have no complaints really.

I also got the cutest pair of new boots too. They are a wedge heel and of gray suede with fun ribbons of ruffles floating up the sides. They are pretty warm too. I am glad I spotted these during the fall as so to allow Santa plenty of time to get the elves on it.

The ritual of barbie tree ornaments:

Every year, Santa brings a new Hallmark Barbie Keepsake Ornament. This year I managed to bring three new ones home to my tree.

The Siren Barbie Doll - she is feisty and with red hair. She screams "fetish of men in uniform." I am totally digging her Za-Za jewels and fur stole. Love.

It's All About the Shoes! - Pink and Shoes. Can't be beat. Every girly frou frou dream. No Shame.

Movie Mixer - Must be straight out of the movie Legally Blonde! She is so cute and adorable. And Pink!


I always enjoy a great entertaining or recipe book.

The Williams Sonoma Entertaining: Inspired Menus for Cooking With Family and Friends

I have taken a few minutes to glance through the book and I do admit there are some really delightful and realistic/simple recipes that can be done pretty easily and without a whole lot of mess or painstaking attempts. On that note, several recipes include some fresh fruits and vegetables and only require some preparation work rather than more combining ingredients over a stove.

The Flour Pot Cookie book: Creating Edible Works of Art

This cookie book is dedicated inside "to the bond between Mothers and Daughters" and rightfully so, since that is where most of us learn to cook.
Although some of the decorated cookies inside are similar to others I have done in the past, there are still several good ideas and inspirations to work with. Most of these are fondant cookies, which I am more of a buttercream fan myself when it comes to decorating for taste and time.
For good measure, my sister threw in this oh so cute diva high heel cookie cutter. I am feeling a need to bake coming on.

And finally, Naughty Cakes. Every baker needs a little spice in their cabinets, you know.
Again, more fondant use on these cakes, but they are definitely fun, and can make for a great party some day.

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