Sunday, April 15, 2007

Let Me Tell You 'Bout the Birds and the Bees...

As soon as I got home from class the other night, I had cupcakes to bake. Its been a super long tiresome week, and after a great night's sleep which also made up for much of the lack of sleep I received this past week, Im ready to get up and at em again.
It a baby shower at work for Ms Marvelous and her husband of whom I actually work with. I had a super good time with these, just as I did the frog cupcakes. Little lady bugs and bumble bees (almond slices for wings). Each hand detailed, I guess it is I love about these. Iced chocolate, and then the leaf, and ladybug or bee with buttercream icing. There are going to be a few more baby showers coming up, and all for new baby boys. We are starting to wonder if there are going to be any baby girls coming along next, but please dont look at me just yet for that. :)

Still much to work on this weekend, Thesis, Extra Credit Assignment (not sure I actually need it, but should do it just in case), and getting prepared to start my teaching presentation self critique. These next few weeks I am going to totally focus on my thesis now that the bulk of my other work is complete. I didnt plan on saving it for last, just happends that way I guess. Well now to dive in and get it done. Adios.

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