Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Me and Madonna

So I got some of the H&M sunglasses. They are uber fabulous. My husband took this photo of me with Madonna at H&M while in New York. Although I feel this photo makes my face look chubby, I will get over myself and post it here. I think though its the closest Ill ever get to Madonna in my lifetime.

I already told my husband (many times) that it is a top priority in life to attend one of her concerts, at least. A life goal basically. a. before I die; b. before she retires; c. before she dies. Crazy I know. Ive grown up with Madonna. I own all of her cd's. I went to New York to buy her sunglasses! Is that not devotion? Come on, people!

The weather here has been a bit gloomy lately with all of the spring rain, but I cannot complain because we are out of the drought, but Im awaiting a bit of sunshine so that I can wear my shades. I guess Ill have to wait until our office outing to the ballpark in early may. Soon enough. As for right now, they are sitting top the dresser until they make their debut outside the front door. But all in all, yes they are fabulous with the "M" on the sides and all. Encrusted with rhinestones even. She was reading my mind. Ive been looking for an ultra fabulous pair of sunglasses for awhile now, and alas, Ive found them!
Anyhow, I just saw on her blog site that she was indeed sporting her shades while in Malawi with David. I have to admit that Im impressed. You can read more about her collection at Pop Sugar.

Oh, and before I go, here is a funny video that I stumbed upon today. Enjoy!

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