Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Promise of Green

It is that time again, the time I would normally be out buying fun new school supplies and getting ready for another semester. This time, I don't have a new semester to attend to, but a new job that is going quite well. I have to say that I jumped in head first and am just now coming up for air. It is somewhat invigorating. I am jealous though, having gone to the store I could not help but walk down the school supply area at target. It was difficult to resist, but one thing I cannot pass up this year is the good old fashioned daily diary. (ok so I bought a new magenta stapler for my desk... I know it will never disappear). Ive kept one for years, and while Im looking forward to an iphone soon I probably wont use it to keep dates and order. I am not ready to let go of my calendars which are full of inspiration every year. I found the perfect one to start 2009 off with: The Taschen 2009 Diary: Design Now.
I really loved my 2007 Taschen Diary: Design, it was filled with weekly inspiration brought forth by past designers of furniture, gadgets, lighting, and contributions to the design industry, which may or may not have made our lives better. I will wait until it gets closer to the end of the year before getting the calendar and initiating it with color coded gel pens.

Color... Speaking of color, I have been seeing alot of green lately in the color forecasts and trends. I think that green is definitely the new pink, perhaps even the new black for now. It must have something to do with the popular efforts of recycling, driving low emission vehicles (or not driving at all) and claiming the square of clean "green" air. Anyway, I have found a few fun "green" things recently while out and about:


Knitterista said...

you are so funny with your calendars...that looks like a good one!

by the way...flynn has that "green" EdaMama shirt...so cute!

Ms. M said...

oh totally! I must have my calendar. I remember when you got the edamama onesie at your shower. I came home immediately to look it up. It has been a hit for a few other new mom's too!