Friday, August 08, 2008


Horoscope for today: "Leo this is the weekend you've been waiting for. You'll have so much fun in the span of a few short days." I have indeed been waiting for this date in time for a long time, mainly just to see what kind of a day it would be. Lucky, like 07.07.07? maybe not, but there is such thing as "crazy eights" and today is one of them. Since we had near torrential rains last night, I had not picked up the mail, but this morning discovered a fun card from my friend. A woman surrounded by many new pairs of red shoes in boxes. I sent her a message this morning thanking her for the card, and that it was just how a fabulous day should be.
I had a great time at work today, even though it was my birthday, and even though I had work to do, my new coworkers of about a month and a day were very gracious, and made it a good day for me too.
I got in this morning and there was a cute little gift waiting on my desk. It was pink and orange and fun stripes. Very cute, didn't want to open it. But I did, and inside was something too fun. Books. Not just any books, but books I can actually use and enjoy. The first, Hello, Cupcake! and the second, My Cat Record Book. Everyone now knows that I enjoy baking, and the gift giver knows how much I enjoy my cat, Tula. The cat book allows you to fill in details about your special furry friend, while the cupcake book has some neat recipes and fun ways to decorate cupcakes. She also made me a very fun card with lots of three dimensional pop up flowers and the word cupcakes on the front.
In addition, I got some flowers for my birthday too. Some lillies and orange gerbera daisies. They smell soo good, and are pretty too. Mom, Dad and my brother sent them.


It has been a great day so far... I am sure more to come. Gotta get out and get a lottery ticket or two as well :)

Just got in from a great evening out with friends and family. Allergies and sinuses are taking their toll now since we got some rain, and wind, and everything is stirred up. However, we did make it to Pop's for some soda and a nightcap. I even picked up $8 worth of powerball numbers. I see some good numbers within, like my age... 31. So we will see :)


I couldn't have asked for a better day.

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