Monday, May 26, 2008

A Weekend Too Short

This memorial day weekend has really gone by quickly. It seems like yesterday was only Thursday. I had a good and productive weekend, but it is nearly over. I danced, I baked, I worked on my final project for school and then I sat in the sun like an idiot yesterday afternoon and got burnt to a crisp. Today I am still working on my project. Just another week left and then I can officially graduate. The last three weeks have gone by quickly as well, it is a reality check to learn that after next weekend, it will be the month of June. I was disappointed this morning to wake up and learn that we didnt get any of the rain that was headed in this direction when I went to sleep last night. It is feeling a bit warm for the time of year and Ive had to switch on the air conditioner in the house. It was absolutely great a few weeks ago when it was about 75 or so degrees during the day and a crisp 55 over night. Now it is hot, muggy, and the sun is evil. Right now, more inclimate weather is moving in from the west. Northwest Oklahoma has had it's fair share of tornadoes in the last month. Im ready for some rain and thunder here myself.

Anyhow, happy memorial day to everyone out there - hope you had a good weekend as well.

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