Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Dream of Clean

I need to clean, but I have to wait until school is officially over to really dig in and deep clean. Things are a bit out of order too. As soon as school is finished, then I will definitely have more time to get organized and spic and span. I know everyone says this, in fact my friend who also completed her thesis told me today that she feels lethargic and just wants to chill, and hopes that something fun will fall into her lap. I dont blame her. I know exactly what she means, it is a huge weight lifted off of her shoulders. But Ive still got another week or so before it will be official.

On the subject of cleaning, Le Chic Chick knows... How to Clean card number 10 of 50, in no particular order of the intelligence deck.


Dust ceiling fans, mouldings, the top of your fridge and the tops of tall furniture. Work your way down to windows, sills, and mirrors.

Next, clean table tops, counters, refrigerator, ovens and sinks. Polish furniture, clean out drawers and cabinets, wipe down doors and casings. Disinfect all bathroom surfaces.

Wipe down baseboards, beat out area rugs, and spot clean floors. Finish with a good sweep, mop and/or vacuum. "

sounds like a good plan, Ill get right on that... when school is out.

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