Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Jack and the Wrench

I should be feeling relaxed, vibrant, and revived. Not so much. Still learning how to sleep, and how to get to bed at a decent hour. I never thought that we as humans had to learn how to sleep, but I guess we learn how to start smoking, how to quit smoking too (as indicated by the latest round of "Tobacco Stops With Me" ads on television. We never cease to learn, and that is why Ive been enjoying my intelligence deck so much. It has been difficult not to skip ahead and cheat by reading all of the cards at once, but I guess it is a practice of discipline.

So tonight, card 9 of 50... and no particular order...

Le Chic Chick knows... How to Change a Tire... "tighten in opposite pairs"

"STEP 1: GET SAFE-Pull over to a safe, level position. Put on your hazard lights.

STEP 2: GET TOOLS-Consult owner's manual to find: JACK, properly inflated SPARE TIRE, and LUG WRENCH.

STEP 3: GET LOOSE-Loosen lug nuts with lug wrench. If difficult to loosen, step on the wrench with your foot. Don't remove lug nuts, just loosen.

STEP 4: GET JACKING-Consult owner's manual to find jack position. Position jack under car, and raise jack until it contacts frame. Extend jack until tire is about six inches off the ground.

STEP 5: TAKE IT OFF-Remove lug nuts from bolts and put aside. Grab wheel at "nine o'clock" and "three o'clock" positions. Pull wheel straight toward you, and off of the car.

STEP 6: PUT IT ON-Position spare tire directly in front of wheel well. Align holes in center of spare tire with bolts on hte car. Push tire onto the car until it can't go any farther. Replace lug nuts on bolts and tighten just enough to hold the tire in place while you lower the car.

STEP 7: GET LOW-Lower the car with the jack until it's resting on all four tires. Tighten lug nuts, starting with one, then moving on to the one oppsite it and so on...

STEP 8: GET GOING-Place flat tire where spare used to be. Put tools away. Get going."

I have to admit that I have never changed a tire on my own, but Ive seen the triple A guys do it, and someone I used to work with. Oh yeah, and there is usually someone off to the side of the road on the highway now and then. :)

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