Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Advice

I love being busy in general. I always have something going on, something to work on, or some place to be. I enjoy being productive and feeling accomplished. Some days are quite the opposite, a lazy or rainy day. I enjoy those days too. But most of all, just getting things done, many things, and doing them well are what keep me satisfied.

Tonight's Intelligence Deck card (number 8 of 50)...

Le Chic Chick knows... How to Be Productive...
"Read the newspaper or trades while on the exercise bike or treadmill.
Keep a language CD in your car or walkman so you can perfect a language during your commute to work, while exercising or as you tidy up the house.
A great way to squeeze in the time to read the works of literature's greats, is to buy a book of shor stories. Keep the book in your purse and enrich yourself while stuck in line, having a pedicure or waiting for a friend who's running late.
Do squats while you brush your teeth.
Clean out your refrigerator every trash night.
If your social calendar is getting overwhelming, throw a dinner party and catch up with everyone at once.
Shop for holiday gifts throughout the year so you can relax and enjoy yourself when December comes around."

These seem to be great recommendations for every day learning and self improvement. I do enjoy listening to my various podcasts and such during the work day when I am just drafting or working on millwork. They keep my brain chugging along most of the time while Im working out my drawing sections. While my refrigerator is nearly always clean, Im not sure I could remember to focus on squats while Im brushing my teeth at night.

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