Thursday, January 31, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Yes it has been awhile since I posted... lots to catch up on, but lots going on too. A whirlwind has taken me lately, and Im just trying to get situated for the last few months of my educational career.

In the mean time, I attended the IIDA winter conference which we have each year so that the local design representatives can get together and display the new products for the upcoming season. It is good fun, there are prizes, goodie bags, and fun gizmo's and gadgets to clutter your workspace. One inparticular that I have been enjoying is the can of dirt and seeds that we received from Interface Flooring as part of their "green" design philosophies. The last few years they have boasted recycled materials in their carpets and are staying with the industry to recycle used carpets too. Last year the rep gave out a box with the seeds of a tree in it. Mine is a red maple tree, but ashamed, I have not planted it yet in fear that it will not grow... He gave me some pointers and told me to plant it after the last freeze of the spring time. Will do.

I opened my can up on Monday January 21st, poured the dirt in, and then opened the seed pouch and pushed them in the dirt about 1/4" as per the directions. I watered it slightly. And waited. Finally, Thursday the sprouts began to show. It was exciting. Finally I feel as if I have somewhat of a green thumb.

Thursday January 24th - slight peeking through the soil...
Growing Green Grass - January 24th
Friday January 25th - creeping out...
Growing Green Grass - January 25th
Monday January 28th - hello!
Growing Green Grass - January 28th
Tuesday January 29th - first grass cutting with office shears...
Growing Green Grass - [the first cutting] January 29th

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