Thursday, January 10, 2008

Life Long Learning Pursuit

It is nearly mid-January. Back to work, and back to school (for the final semester). I think I will in some ways miss being a "student" when it is all said and done even though I know that we in life always continue to learn. Over the holiday break and in recent days I have spent some time catching up with the Sims. I have to say that my neighborhood of mansions and fine furnishings is more than that. You have to train your Sims, and in return, they have to learn every day skills like cooking, fixing things, cleaning the litter box, etc. The small Sims have to study for school or risk being sent off to "military school." I have only spent the last several years working with the original Sims, as I have not fully traded it in for the Sims 2, which I understand is a bit more up to date, as your characters will lead a life from cradle to grave instead of being assigned adult or child status(without getting any older). Sounds like a great fountain of youth to me.

Now for our Intelligence Deck card 2 of 50 (in no particular order):

"Le Chic Knows... Education is a Lifelong Pursuit..."
" Read.
Ask questions.
Perfect a language... then learn a new one.
Play a sport. When you get good at it, get better.
Take classes.
Play chess.
Feed your mind as you'd feed your body...daily."

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