Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Tula as a Mermaid

Happy Halloween! Today is the day for dressing up funky and giving candy to the best dressed kids that come knock on your door. Ive spent the last couple of weeks perusing some funny pets dressed up as well. I am guilty of subjecting my own to minutes of torturous halloween costume wearing. Tula was unsuspecting when I pulled out her mermaid costume last night and put it on her. I thought she would get used to it until I saw her walking backwards at a low level trying to squat under the costume and back out of it. Yes, common sense. I got a laugh, took a few photos and then freed her from the Za Za costume that I compelled her to wear. Below are a few other photos I found at People and couldnt resist sharing. They are too funny, but it is all fun for the one time of year it is ok for adults to dress up and have fun too.

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