Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Thesis Factory

From the looks of things around my house, on my table and in my mind, Ive been pretty busy lately. (and you know you are missing out on interesting things when you are amused by your cat, who finds utmost entertainment watching the pages shoot out of the printer too). I am proud to say though that my thesis project is well under way and heading into the Institutional Review Board sometime tomorrow to undergo the approval process. This is excellent news anyway for me, I might actually have time to watch television this weekend. Lord knows how many episodes of Oprah and Martha Stewart Ive missed out on in the last few weeks. Even the DVR recycles through them if they havent been watched within three days. I guess that is what reruns are for. I am very excited though for a couple of events that are happening soon:

1. Ms. Marvelous' birthday.
2. K Dahling's upcoming nuptials (to be discussed later).

and for these fabulous upcoming events, Ive managed to pull a few fun and fabulous things together for gift giving. The Sur La Table giant cupcake pan Ive been oohing over has turned into a birthday gift for Ms. Marvelous along with a few other cupcake parafernalia items as well. The uberfabulous "flirt apron" by one of my favorite etsy shops. This one was just too appropriate at the right time. This one (photo by etsy shop owner) features Robert Kaufman's "buttercup" from the "Sweet Tooth" collection of textile fabrics. And a couple of little things from crate and barrel to top things off with (you know, like sprinkles). The cupcake spatula which I am already a big fan of with its small cupcake image implanted within the silicone... well you get the picture. Had to then throw in the cleverly cute and wholesome use of steel supply, the cupcake cake tester. Also a personal favorite, and hopefully one of Ms. Marvelous too.

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