Sunday, August 26, 2007

Le Cupcake

It has been awhile since I have done a little baking, but I did alot this past week infact. I ended up baking about 100 for a friend I work with. It was her mother's 75th birthday party yesterday.

Lavender and Vanilla Cupcakes


So I delivered them and I am glad that everyone enjoyed them. That is really what baking is all about - watching others enjoy the fruits of your labor. When I am baking in the kitchen, it allows me to clear my head and think about my assignments and work. This last baking experience was just the opposite though. I couldnt get anything right for some reason. I had to bake extra cupcakes because when they came out of the oven, there weren't enough for some reason. Then I made the frosting, white buttercream and took some out so I could tint the other half lavender. The pyrex bowl I used to fill with the white frosting somehow ended up in the middle of the kitchen floor as I was carrying it over to the kitchen table... arrgg! I am still finding tiny glass pieces all over the place. However, on a lighter note, my new giant cupcake pan from Sur La Table arrived in the mail yesterday. It bakes the top and the bottom of a cupcake shaped cake. I have read some comments of people who think it is a cop out, or will be difficult to cut and serve. I am a fan of all things cupcake, so whatever its difficulties I am sure it will be fine. Hopefully I will have a chance to use it soon!

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