Friday, August 24, 2007

Much Ado About School

Well it is that time again... back to school. Only two more semesters to go, and another two semesters to challenge my current 4.0 gpa. I cant believe Ive made it through my graduate career thus far with a 4.0 gpa. Im proud though and I am still working on the parents to make good by their statement that they made many years ago:

"Melissa if you can make straight A's, we will buy you a new car."

It has been an interesting week, unfabulous at that even. Aside from still recovering from all of the events that occured last weekend, general irritations, not enough sleep and too much stress, (all in all a soap opera week in all of its drama and glory) I made it to school half way through the week to find that a class that I enrolled in was not available to me as I am not a certified teacher... I did however appreciate the instructor's comments and concerns that someone who has a design background really has no place in a library science course... I do have to admit that the course catalog made it appear to be a very interesting and insightful course offering. The web registration tools never stated that I was not qualified for the course either. Oh well... I dropped the class and it left me with two days of free add and drop and with not alot of choices for general electives as you might guess. I have never come across these circumstances before, but things have worked themselves out and I am now the proud enrolee (if that is even a word) in "The Constitution and Criminal Procedure" which I have learned is mostly filled by political science and forensic science majors. This will be most interesting, but I am satisfied. I ordered the book so Ill have plenty of reading to get caught up with real soon. Oh, by the way, you can get your very own "librarian pin" here.

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