Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round...

I dont even know where to begin. This past weekend was all kinds of crazy! Thursday afternoon I got on a plane to Dallas so that I could attend MetroCon - a design tradeshow and conference. I arrived early on Friday morning, not many people were there just yet so I went around taking lots of photographs that I will be using to present the event to my office in the coming months. I can say that I did have the "metrocon experience" in which I attended the Thursday night events with some of the design sales representatives, attended the show, earned a CEU (Continuing Education Unit) while learning more about sustainability and design, met some new people and saw some from school. I was hoping to have the results for the IIDA scholarship last week - but it has not been awarded yet.

Friday night, we drove back to Oklahoma from Dallas, and got a good night's sleep - and I am glad that I did because what happend last night will be unforgettable. I knew that there would be a gathering in the form of a surprise birthday party. My mom had to tell me, otherwise driving 2 hours to Tulsa would have been very strange for some other random happening. So we arrived last night about 7:30 p.m. - everyone shouted out "surprise" and it was. There were lots of people there, margaritas, family, cupcakes, bees, and good food, which included a chocolate fountain. There was a beehive cake on top of a tier of sunflower decorated cupcakes with bees on them. Napkins rolled up with decorations on them too! Soon after arriving, I discovered the real surprise - a Trolley was to show up and take everyone out bar hopping. I never thought I would see my parents + a trolley + bar hopping ever. haha A true surprise party indeed. We hit a few spots around Tulsa, had some drinks, and our tag along bar on the trolley too. I loved it that my 87 year old Yaiyia (grandmother) came along for the festivities too. She even had a beer to celebrate. Too funny. We got back home around 2 a.m. and crashed out at the parents house. That was not the last of it, as we were treated to a fabulous lunch at home before we all had to set out and get back to the city. What a weekend! Was totally worth turning 30 for.

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