Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Law and the Chocolate Chip Cookie

So today I ventured out in the bright sunshine to pick up my new glasses. They are fabulous. I had been eyeing them for a couple of years now and today, they became mine. They are bebe Schiatzie "grape suzette" color frames and they are so fabulous.
The last time I purchased glasses, I went for the black frames because you know they go with everything, yet still appealing. I had questioned getting these new ones of fear they would be too much like my friend's glasses and I didnt want to overstep her fabulous fashionista sense. But I think that all in all, these are still a bit different, so maybe they are not such a big deal, but I think they are fabulous anyhow.
Ive been procrastinating all weekend to sit down to my first legal brief of the semester. Ive read the case about three times now and I am getting it sorted out into the facts, issue, rule, and rationale. The case is Payton v. New York 445 U.S. 573 (1980). Reading legal cases is new for me, so Ive invested in a dictionary "Barron's Dictionary of Legal Terms" which I might add has proven over the weekend to be a great tool for those of us who need to learn some legal jargon like "certiorari" and "tort" (not to be confused with "torte" of course). I am also entertained by some delightful chocolate chip cookies too. A great simple and traditional snack for a sunday evening while working on traditional (not so simple) homework assignments. I am sure even Elle Woods would agree.
Now I am procrastinating as to avoid housework. Ciao.

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