Friday, June 08, 2007

Birthdays and Babies

60 days. That's it. I officially turn 30. Goodbye twenty something, and hello thirty. Its now creeping up on me like an anaconda. I guess we all have to turn 30 and accept it. I still have 60 days to really think about it and get used to the idea though.
Last August, September, and October, several people approached with news of child expectancy. Well now, all of these little babies are showing up. All around me, everywhere I look. Babies, babies babies! Ive bought more baby clothes in the last three months than I have in a lifetime, and I dont even have kids. Ive seen more icribs than I can count, and I hear the word diaper and think of the diaper genie, baby powder, and butt paste.

The new additions are:

April 26th, 2007 - Isabella Katherine who belongs to my cousin. Her first child, layed in the delivery room for hours after being induced and was texting updates on progress all day.

May 26th, 2007 - Flynn West who belongs to a good friend who I work with. Her first child, went into labor and delivered about 5 weeks before her scheduled due date of June 23rd. All are well and doing fine. He was 5lbs, 3oz. and soooo tiny. Sooo cute too.

Baby Flynn

June 06, 2007 - Dekan Wayne who belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Marvelous, who I work with and enjoy baking cakes with. Their first child, induced on 06.06.07 (due date) but also to keep up with the marvelous birthday schedule at hand. Mr. Marvelous (07.07) and Ms. Marvelous (09.09) so of course he was born on (06.06). He weighed 8lbs 7 oz and didnt want to come out to join the rest of us, so they took him by cesarean. He is a big baby compared to Flynn, and he loves to eat. (Oh, and he snores a bit too.)

Baby Dekan

Next up it is another girl at work, my neighbor across the street, and many more. Everyone keeps asking me when Im going to reproduce. As always, whenever I obtain a child, Ill let you know. :)

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