Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tired and Cranky

Each day that ends brings to light a new day ahead. A new day that brings me closer to thirty. Its creeping up all too quickly and I feel that I need to go out and do something silly. Not sure what exactly though. As I get older, those around me are getting older too and everyone around me is having babies. Im perfectly happy with my career and life as it is, except thirty is still lingering in the air, ready to strike at midnight on the 8th of August. People tell me that their thirties have been the best decade of life. Good things too shall come, perhaps.
Meanwhile, things have been busy despite summer vacation from school. I am still working on my thesis and baking alot. Here are some fun Mickey Mouse cupcakes for the latest baby shower at work. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate with chocolate frosting.
I watched the Sopranos on Sunday evening. Waiting and wondering what would come of Tony's fate. I sensed a bit of scarcasm throughout the episode, and once it became closer to an hour I started to wonder if it was going to be a two hour special. I knew better than to see Tony chilling in a restaurant. I felt the anticipation and wondered if someone in the restaurant was going to pay back for Phil's murder. And then it ended. I was sitting alone in the house and immediately sat edge of seat with my eyebrows wrinkled together and immediately shouted "WTF." By Monday I had to laugh it off. It was sooo over played during the last few minutes of the series. Odd people entering and walking throughout the restaurant. Maedow having parallel parking issues. Each patron was captured. Then boom. All over. The End.

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