Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Office

I must admit that ever since I was young I have had a deep attraction to school supplies. I always had the pink notebook binders, color coordinating tabs and glitter pens and pencils. This early addiction has lead to an even larger fascination to fun and unique office supplies. Every fall when back to school events are hosted at Target stores, I am first in line to peruse the fun and fabulous gizmos and gadgets. Even as an adult, I only feel guilty for spending the extra cash on designer gear, not for a somewhat childish complex for needing fun and cool stuff. I have a fabulous office at home, colored staples and funky paper clips. Book shelves filled with scholarly books. Accounting and Architecture. A drafting table and lots of prisma color rendering markers. A small container of stickers, post-its and various clips and brads. Red vinyl covered guest chairs and fun accents and desk accessories. Some of my latest office supplies are listed right here. The Audrey file tote. I am working on my thesis project and this is the perfect accessory to host all of my research articles and literature review. Comes in 5 or 8 pockets and I have to say that it is the cuteset and most stylish carry along filing system Ive ever seen. Colored lead mechanical pencils. .07mm lead, these fabulous pencils are sure to brighten up any chick's algebra homework. I love a fine tip on my pencils so these are a must in my desk drawer. Deal With This. I can relate, and I am sure that all of us can to some point or another. A small stack of sticky notes. Other styles available as well at Knock Knock. I obviously dont like things to be boring and ordinary, so of course I would have to have the fun file folders for storing the oh so important documents. I love these folders and their snappy little remarks. "She was comforted by the knowledge that they were helpless without her" and "Why yes, I am overqualified" are just a sampling of the craziness that will keep your work interesting at home or at the office. And since no one is perfect, there is the "shit." or "holy crap."eraser. Everyone must know by now I am guilty of this statement but often use another four letter word to express myself. This eraser is the highlight of hand drafting. Maybe I should pick one up for my boss while I'm at it. For those of you who are good enough not to think or shout extremities, then see the lighter side of these erasers and perhaps the "oops!" eraser might just be for you.


emily said...

i found your blog via your profile on flickr (you favorited my chocolate cake pic yesterday). There's a very neat office supply store in Portland, Enjoy!

Ms. M said...

Thank you so much, I will have to check that out. :)