Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Swan Named Gayla

A good friend of mine came to visit the city today for a family event, but stopped off at the zoo first. I got the phone call last night that she was coming. This morning I was tired and had a hard time getting up and going, but when I got there, the fun began. The zoo is even better than I remember it being several years ago. We did not make it all around the zoo, but had a good time enjoying a few events. There is a parrot bird cage that is an interactive exhibit, something too tempting that we could not just wander past. After purchasing a small cup of special nectar, you enter the exhibit and all is free to invite a bird to hop up onto your finger while sipping the sweet nectar. There is also a lake with paddle boats. But not just any paddle boats... swans. With fun names like "Can Do", "Virginia Lynn", "Luna", and our boat, "Gayla". After purchasing tickets, you climb into the floating swan and sail off for a half hour of fun. The experience is well worth the five bucks. Time flew by quickly and before we knew it, it was after our scheduled time to leave. Before we headed out though, we hurried through the aquatic center and there were several interesting things to see. The thing that most captured my eye was the sea lions that were swimming behind the thick glass. I took a silent video with my camera, so you can enjoy it below... as well as all of the photos from our trip to the zoo today and our ride on a swan named Gayla.

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