Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shower of Sushi

Today, errr yesterday rather was quite an eventful day (eventful in which more happend than usual on weekends...) Anyhow I was recently invited to two separate shower events, both of which happend to occur on the same day. A baby shower for my friend from 2-4 and then a bridal shower for another friend from 4-8. Luckily, the bridal shower which was located about 150 miles away was going to last a bit longer so that I could get there a bit late without missing too much. Ive had my fill of punch and cake for sure - but all in good fun, and now Im back home and its way past my bed time. I had a late dinner with a friend who I havent seen in awhile either and stopped by the parents house. I got to meet my brother's girlfriend too. Good times.
My friend got the cutest little gift at her baby shower - a onesie with "Edamama" printed on it and was packaged in a little sushi bento box. One of the most memorable gifts for sure. I wasnt so creative, I bought her the baby monitor because I knew she didnt have one yet, and also knew she already had alot of baby clothes already. But this is just tooo cute... I have to share with others and now find someone else who is having a baby which shouldnt be a problem since everyone around me is literally reproducing left and right. I need to show up with this gift for someone who will appreciate it too. There are three different prints to choose from, Edamama, Spicy Tuna, and Shrimp Roll. The packaging comes with the onesie rolled up in tissue paper made to look like sushi.
Later, at the bridal shower, it was a fabulous reunion with someone Ive known for a long time. We were in high school together, orchestra, and then ended up once again seeing each other on the first day of architecture school in college. She left and went to California for a few years and came back recently - but we had lost touch in the meantime. She located me on myspace just in time to let me know she was getting married. She received lots of nice gifts, but for her shower gift, I raided the Michael Graves kitchen utensils at Target. It seemed fitting really.

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