Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Dream of Eames

Since Ive been out of school for the semester, Ive had lots of time to waste glorious amounts of time on the internet... :) Ive decided to go ahead once or twice a week to post some fabulous finds and hope you enjoy them as much as I hope to. Im excited about these because they keep the spirit of Charles and Ray alive. Charles and Ray met at the Cranbrook school of design in Michigan. I think their story is made up of a fairy tale, and I also think that they are just very interesting and inspiring people. They have published books and short films - a very innovative pair if you ask me. I really like the business card keeper with the chairs on it. Classic favorites intermingled with function. Love it. The roller ball pen which is also available in a fountain pen is a coordinating office or purse accessory to the business card keeper. I just love it because its got all the little chairs on it, and is a constant reminder of good design. The small dot pattern has always been a favorite textile design. Maharam also carries it as part of the "Textiles of the Twentieth Century" collection. I purchased a yard of upholstery but havent gotten around to making something of it yet. The keychain hosts the small dot pattern in an enamel coating. I like the overall aesthetic too. Next up, the neck tie with chairs. It isnt so much just Eames, but Michael Thonet, Wegner, Marcel Breuer, Saarinen, Garret Reitveld, and Mies Van der Rohe. Its just very cool. One thing on my birthday wish list are the Eames inspired coasters from MOMA. Ornamented with the Eames Lounge, Wire Side Chair, Molded Plywood chair and La Chaise. All of these furniture pieces were originally designed for the ordinary middle class family and were made of economical materials so that they would be affordable. Visit here to see if you think they are so affordable now :) Anyhow I think that if you cant have the real thing, at least get the coasters. Lastly, a few months ago I got the Eames rubber stamp kit. I just recently discovered that Eames Demetrios, grandson of Charles and Ray put this little set into commission. Its a fun and crafty way to keep Eames alive too. It comes with all of the popular chairs and home accessories like the wall hooks, and the small dot pattern.


Anonymous said...

less is more???

Ms. M said...

that is Mies Van der Rohe :) He was head of the Bauhaus in Germany. Hitler also tried to commission Van der Rohe for the golden palace, but he declined.