Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Overcast and Grey

Grey's Anatomy. WTF. An amazing season, an ending of many questions, almost too many things to deal with. Its almost as depressing as OU losing a football game. The weekly podcasts have kept me informed on the in's and out's and behind the scenes action following each week's episode. Of course Greys is a soap opera, but can there not be one happy ending? It seems that there was maybe too much negativity for each of the characters... although I do wish that Christina and Burkes wedding would have gone through. "All you need is love" is not the only thing in a relationship, they realized there was more than love, but now, it is about Christina losing her identity through Burke. There is always someone in a relationship who "gives" just a little bit more.

Im also dissapointed regarding the fact that all of the cool tv that I enjoy is ending for the summer just in time for me to clear up some other things in my life to actually sit down and watch tv.

Oh, and Desperate Housewives? sheesh. Is Edie really gone? Maybe Carlos will come in and save her.

Ok, I said what I needed to say for now. :) Enjoy your week everyone.

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