Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mum's the Word

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there. I sent my mom and grandmother some flowers - they were both delivered Friday, a bit early I know, but I wanted to make sure that they got to enjoy them over the weekend instead of just for a day. I got calla lillies for mom in a cute little pot, and colorful tulips for grandma. She really loved them, so I was excited about that.
My weekend started off great - I came home Friday afternoon from work and then had a late dinner out with my husband. I got to spend most of Saturday with Ms. Marvelous as we went for a pedicure, which was fabulous. It was her treat for the shower we had a few weeks ago. We followed with an afternoon of decorating cupcakes for a mutual friend who I work with. She requested some star wars cupcakes...just like the ones we baked last year for Ms. Marvelous' husband - so we got together to improve upon the outcome since the last ones were slightly less than perfect. We still didnt get it 100%, but hey, we gave it the old college try.
Im glad I got to spend some time with her since she will be having her baby real soon! He has already dropped a bit, so any day now, really. I know it will probably be a few more weeks, as he is due June 6th.
Saturday night we watched the Sopranos, and the Office and both were fabulous episodes. It was nice to sit back with some cold smirnoff and popcorn without having to think about homework.

And today... I know Im not a mom, but I feel like a mom to my cat, Tula, so I was treated today to a movie - Blades of Glory (absolutely hullarious!!!), some fabulous lunch, and some tulips. We really enjoy having Tula around. I love her even more for being needy and independent all at the same time. She really has brought alot of love and laughter into the house. I dont plan on having children, so she is going to be my baby for a long time I hope.
I did however bake a ton of sugar cookies tonight in preparation for the two new arrivals... babies that is (not mine!) but Ms. Marvelous, and my friend who I work with. Both new moms to be are expecting boys, so Im working on some cookies to freeze until I get a phone call to remove them to thaw! They will be cookies for the hospital room for guests to enjoy while they ooohhh and aaahhh over the babies.

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