Saturday, July 08, 2006


As birthday's of friends and loved ones arrive, its difficult not to want to make the most of it. This time, on 07.07 was C's birthday. Lover of Starwars, Lord of the Rings, etc., and husband of my twin, Ms. M. Yes, we share the same name and many likenesses - we only grew up in separate households. Anyhow, we got together for mischief on Wednesday evening and got most of it right, but some ignorances may still appear. Its the thought that counts anyhow.

Star Wars Cupcake

Darth Vator - well we tried... dont even know if its spelled correctly!

Yoda. Although may look more like Yogi Bear.

Luke... A stick figure with the light sabre. We later found out that Luke only has one hand.
Light Sabres... After we found out they were not wands... haha
Who could resist princess Leah?

My favorite...Chubaka!

We tried.


Ok we know now it is not a star trooper. We looked it up on the internet, and this is what came up...

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