Sunday, July 02, 2006

From the Airplane

While flying from Kodiak Island back to Anchorage, I was able to capture some glorious natural landscape views. This first photo is a river or waterway through the mountain valley. Very interesting though. It is a fascinating flight, only about an hour, and at less than 30,000 feet it is easy to get great views of the mountains and the terrain.

We flew over what appears to be a glacier melting into a valley. It doesnt seem that the water could be rapids because there is no mist like you see at Niagra falls. This looks more like ice and snow, possibly a glacier up hidden in the mountains.

This last photo is of a lake or river - not sure of which body of water it is, but it was so interesting, so blue. Must be a source of travertine. It looked so rich, I know its a bit foggy looking in the photo, but it was fabulous in person.

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