Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Latest Bakes

During my mall visit on Sunday, I happen to stop by my favorite kitchen store as we all know these days is Williams Sonoma - as my husband tried to drag me away, but it was magnetic and was attracting me in faster than he could yank me away. Despite his boos and hisses, I went inside and there it was. A new pan "Backyard Bugs" it said. A leaf shaped pan with 8 cakelettes emulating bees, butterflies, fireflies and of course, lady bugs. I immediately went to the register and purchased it although my husband declined to enter the store but instead galavanted off somewhere else knowing that the ring of the register would fill the air and that I would be bringing home something else to find a new home for in the kitchen.
So I got an excuse this week to bake some. My friend at work wanted something fun for her two boys for their last day of school this week. I immediately told her in excitement about my new fabulous find (which by the way is not available just yet online). I just finished decorating them this evening (along with the sugar cookies that Ive been working on in shifts since Sunday). I hope to make many more of these little critters over the coming months but for now, just looking at them is invigorating. I cannot post photos of the cookies just yet in fear the the mom's to be will see them before they should be seen. Ill keep them tucked away until the day comes when they can be revealed. Im excited, Ive been working hard on baking this week, but all for a good cause. Enjoy!

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