Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Jeez Louise.

It just hit me that I will be turning 30 in three months. Im not ready for this. Im soooo not ready for this. I was ok with being 29-3/4, but now, its not just 29 and 3/4. Its more like 29 and 5/8ths now. Boohoo.

It nearly flooded this morning in my neighborhood. It was pouring down rain and there was super lighting when I left the house this morning. It took me just short of an hour to get to work because of the rain and the fact that when it rains, no one can manage to just drive if you know what I mean. Just drive people, its just a little rain. Ok, today it was alot of rain, but seriously.

Im just so exhausted. Im still recovering from the last few weeks of work overload. Alot has gone on, and I still feel like I need to be running all around going places, when in reality I just need to get up for work everyday, oh and continue writing my thesis. Not alot, but today the thought of flooding got to me, and is stressing me out. I feel like I need to teach Tula how to swim (I dont know if she can or not), oh yeah and get some flood insurance. Tula is going to be two years old on Thursday. I cant believe Ive had her this long. She will always be my baby though.

Ok, enough stress today - time to go relax. :)

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