Tuesday, May 08, 2007

These are a few of my Favorite Things...

Just some positive things for a negative day here...

A couple of weeks ago, my sister dragged me off to her favorite painting spot, so I decided to oblige since I really needed a bit of a break anyhow. She called and asked if I wanted to go on a whim, so I needed to decide quickly on what to paint. I thought about one of my most favorite pieces of artwork, and so I decided to transfer it onto a platter. It is Picasso's "Le Cameau" - french for the camel... and I kinda like camels. It is from his single line drawing series, several little animals he has, all with one line stroke. Anyhow, I dont think I did terribly bad myself. It will be fun to serve up cupcakes or other fun sweet treats on.

Picasso: The Camel

Others in the series:

Picasso: The Dog
Picasso: The Butterfly
Picasso: The Owl

I think that some of these other drawings would be fun on some little appetizer plates. I might have to go back and see what I can do. Its a good stress reliever, provides hours of fun and entertainment, and you can think and meditate.

I also found an artist on myspace who has a penguin series that I absolutely adore. Ive always been a fan of penguins, and with cafe press, it allows shoppers to pick and choose what they want. My latest digs include the penguin apron with the birthday penguin and cupcake. Since Ive been into baking so much in the last year, I figured it was appropriate.

I found her several months ago, and it was only recently when I really got to purchase something fun. I got a little onesie with "lots of penguins" on it for my friend Ms. Marvelous, as she is expecting a little boy very soon. I hope he grows up to like penguins. I like the "geek" penguin on the lots of penguins layout myself. We had her baby shower not too long ago too, and I had to adorn her and her husband with "Mommy to Be" and "Daddy to Be" penguin buttons to wear during the festivities.

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Abby said...

So cute! I love those plates!

And I'm expecting a little boy in two months, myself.

Thanks for the link!